3D sculpted BJD body

3D Sculptris Ball Jointed Doll

At first I wanted to go joint-crazy and make something super articulated but then I realised I’d ultimately have to cast each part and that dulled my enthusiasm. And in the end, I’m not that hung up on perfect, naturalistic pose-ability.That can happen later, when I’ve got the hang of this 3D sculpting malarkey. Right now I’m more into style and aesthetics.

Behold! My flailing-in-the-dark first attempts at 3D sculpting and modelling.
I’ve been messing around with several free pieces of 3D design software:-
Sculptris – basic but user-friendly, it emulates a clay-like sculpting experience.
Blender – Powerful with an intimidating array of features and menus but great for initial modelling, I find. I should try harder to get to grips with it’s sculpting mode.
MeshMixer – useful for editing 3d objects and simple enough that even I’m not scared by it.

The ball-jointed doll body screencapped in this post has been a massive learning experience and has been worked on in all three pieces of software so far. Almost certainly because of my lack of knowledge, not because of the limitations of any one program. When I get stuck I just export.

3D Sculptris Ball Jointed Doll

I’d like to add more detail to the hands, or even print multiple variations of the hands but I’m probably getting ahead of both my funds and my ability. Likewise, jointed hands and feet. I’m probably going to tweak the hip/thigh interface area, though.

My goal right now is to virtually sculpt a doll and get it 3D printed (as cheaply as possible). Then I’ll fix any wonky joints/printlines/other problems and revert to what I know – hands on sculpting with milliput, sandpaper and a rotary tool – to make a finished prototype I can then cast in resin, should I want to. I think I mostly just want to make one doll body to prove to myself I can do it.

Perhaps I should have more ambition and aim to make something that will come straight off the printer and be string-able and smoothly articulated…but I’m taking baby steps here.
What I really want to make is a robot BJD body with a Hans Bellmer/Metropolis android vibe.



3D Sculptris Ball Jointed Doll


3D Sculptris Ball Jointed Doll

Those knee joints are worrying me. I’ve tried to make all the joint sockets a bit larger than they maybe need to be because I think it would be easier for me to fix them with the addition of some milliput on the final printed parts. As opposed to drilling and sanding to subtract excess material.


Meshmixer’s X-ray material is a godsend. Here you can see how I hollowed out the parts. I have been very conservative when it comes to thickness of parts, yeah, I could have made them thinner since I designed this with 1:3 scale in mind but I might want to print a smaller version. I used boolean difference to make most of the hollows – there might well be a better way and I’d be glad to hear if anyone has any suggestions. I wonder if those overhangs in the thigh parts are printable?


Meshmixer can arrange your parts for print with one click – I’m not sure how useful this is and where the supports will go but it looks cool.

2 Digital Paintings

I finished these a couple of months ago and I’m managing to still like them, which is an achievement for me. They’re part of the tentatively titled “a trip to the shops” series of paintings. For a long time I’ve been taking quick photos on my phone of the interesting shapes and compositions that pop up in mundane places – usually highstreet shop windows. I just find the whole visual world is ‘fractally awesome’; that is, fascinating at every level, and the more you look the more you realise every little thing can be rewarding when you stop and pay it attention.

Look at the size of this art space

Seriously, just look at it.
artspaceIt’s huge, and there’s more upstairs, and out of frame.
Anyway, it’s the Creative and Cultural Artspace in Princes Quay, Hull. I was there taking this photo and putting up some of my work (and this guy‘s) for the Hull Photography Festival exhibit. It opens tomorrow night, Friday the 6th of June at 6pm, at the PoP art space on the top deck.
Exciting times in the City of Culture 2017, eh?

I’m super busy at the moment, I feel I ought to have more to share here but I’ve got lots of half-finished things as usual. Like these in-progress paintings hanging in the garage studio.
studiojune1I’m also working on commissions and getting an arseload of prints printed up. But oil paint dries slow, so I have to work on the paintings first. Photoshop has ruined me, I can’t handle all this hands-on real paint stuff any more. It’s so slow, and messy, and there’s no “undo” button. I honestly don’t know how the renaissance even happened. I mean, like, Michaelangelo didn’t even have MS Paint or anything.


Monsters again…

bunheadb600 bunheada600

Colour or b/w? I can’t decide which one I like best.
Anyway, head to society6.com/nijikon to buy them as prints, mugs, phone covers, cushions and other delightful home accessories. Look, I know no one asked for a cushion cover or a shower-curtain with a painting of a demon raver girl thing on…but they’re out there now. There’s no going back. We’ve just got to deal with it. I’m as confused as you are, to be honest.